Our portfolio includes over 50 completed projects across the country.
Although they are all related to the construction and equipping of medical establishments, each project is unique in terms of planning and execution.
Some of our partners and completed projects:

City of Sofia

/ UMBAL “Sveta Ekaterina” JSC – Single-plane angiography system; Multi-carousel CR digitalization system; Ultrasound equipment; PACS system; Biochemical Analyzer; Immunological analyzer
/ UMBAL “Sveti Ivan Rilski” JSC – MRU test system; Digital X-ray; Bi-plane angiography system; Gamma camera in combination with with 16-slice CP scanner; Cardiac ultrasound system
/ UMBALSM “N. I. Pirogov” JSC  - Single-plane angiography system; Package deal with complete equipment for Cardiac department

/ UMBAL “Aleksandrovska” JSC – Positron-emission tomography – computed tomography system ( PET-CT)
/ SBAL-Spinal centre JSC– C-shoulder
/ “Commercial league national pharma centre” JSC – Portable ultrasound machines
/ ASGIMP “Doctor Rumen Velev” LTD – Ultrasound system
/ SBALGAR “Doctor Malinov” – Ultrasound system
/ SAGBAL “Doctor Shterev” LTD - Ultrasound system
/ MBAL “Nadezhda”, city of Sofia – Package deal of a complete equipment for diagnostic imaging, OP rooms, anaesthesiology equipment, neonatology equipment
/ MBAL “Doverie” JSC – С-arm, 8-slice CT scanner; Endoscopic equipment; Robotized surgery system Da Vinchi
/ “City Hospitals and Clinics” LTD – Package deal with comprehensive equipment for centralized sterilization room, medical gas system, medical equipment
/ MBAL NKB – Ultrasound equipment
/ “Komak Medical” LTD – Ultrasound system; Haematology analyzer Integrated system: Biochemical analyzer and Immunological analyzer
/ UMBAL “Tsaritsa Yoanna – ISUL” JSC – Ultrasound system
/ Medical centre Doverie SBT LTD – Ultrasound system; Osteodensitometer; ECG holter; Blood pressure holter, Veloergometer; ECG machine
/ SBALO Sofia – CT scanner; Mammography system
/ Medical centre “Markovs” LTD, city of Sofia – Ultrasound system
/ PZU “Sv. Lazar Hospital”, city of Sofia – Ultrasound system
/ MBAL “Vita”, city of Sofia – Ultrasound system

Town of Varna

/ SBALOZ “Doctor M. Markov” – X-ray system; CT scanner
/ UMBAL “Sveta Marina” – Ultrasound system
/ MU “Professor doctor Paraskev Stoyanov”- Osteodensitometer
/ AMTsSMP “Olimed” LTD – Ultrasound system

Town of Burgas

/ MBAL “Deva Maria” LTD – CT scanner, Angiography system and Ultrasound system

Town of Plovdiv

/ MBAL Plovdiv – Package deal with Comprehensive equipment for centralized Sterilization room; Ultrasound system
/ MBAL “Eurohospital” – Package deal with comprehensive Visual diagnostics equipment
/ “Medline Clinic” LTD – Ultrasound machines
/ MTB town of Plovdiv - Ultrasound system
/ Medical centre “Sv. Sv. Kozma and Damyan” – Ultrasound system
/ SBALAG ‘’Selena” – Ultrasound system
/ Medical centre “New Life” – Ultrasound system
/ Medical centre “New Life” – Ultrasound system / ASMPAGRM-IP “Doctor Vasil Daskalov” LTD  – Ultrasound ststem 

/ Medical University, town of Plovdiv – Ultrasound system


Town of Stara Zagora

/ MBAL “Trakiya”
/ Former MBAL “Ivan Rilski”– Package deal on complete medical systems  and equipment
/ MBAL “Professor Stoyan Kirkovich” JSC – Ultrasound system
/ Medical centre VTsRIB – Lekushev LTD– Ultrasound system

Town of Veliko Tarnovo

/ DCC 1  – Package deal with comprehensive medical and general hospital equipment for obstetrics and gynaecology, Cardiology and diagnostic imaging.
/ MOBAL “Stefan Cherkezov”  – Ultrasound system

Town of Ruse

/ MBAL Ruse JSC – 16-slice CT scanner; С-arm; Mobile X-ray machines; Ultrasound machines

Town of Gabrovo

/ MBAL “Tota Venkova” – Digital graphic X-ray system

Town of Dobrich

/ “Doctor Krasimir Stoilov - AIPSIMPAG” – Ultrasound system

Town of Vidin

/ MBAL “Sveta Petka” JSC  – Digital X-ray system for scopy and graphy with remote control

Town of Haskovo

/ MBAL Haskovo – Angiography system, Ultrasound system

Town of Parvomay

/ “Doctor Lilyana Mincheva - AIPSMPVBE” LTD – Ultrasound system

Town of Smolyan

/ DCC Smolyan LTD

Town of Velingrad

/ Medical centre “Veli Medicus” LTD– Ultrasound system

Town of Pernik

/ Medical centre “Evita” LTD – Ultrasound system

Town of Yambol

/ “Diagnostic consulting centre 1- Yambol” LTD  – Ultrasound system

Town of Kazanlak

/ MBAL “Doctor Hristo Stambolski” – CT scanner

Town of Etropole

/ MBAL “Professor doctor Al. Gerchev” – CT scanner; Ultrasound system ; Continuous Doppler

Town of Blagoevgrad

/ MBAL Blagoevgrad JSC – Ultrasound system
/ ST “Doctor Vanya Tsvetkova - IPSMPVBK” - Ultrasound system

/ MBAL “Pulse – Blagoevgrad” LTD – Ultrasound system

Town of Petrich

/ Medical-dental centre Doverie LTD – Ultrasound system

Town of Shumen

/ Complex oncological centre Shumen – CT scanner

Town of Samokov

/ MBAL Samokov – Ultrasound systems; Osteodensitometer; Defibrillators

Town of Pazardzhik

/ Medical centre Tonus 2013 LTD – Package deal with comprehensive Equipment for Cardiology Ward – Echocardiography equipment , Electrocardiography equipment, ECG, ECG Holter, Veloergometer, Blood pressure holter

Town of Targovishte

/ ST “IPSIBMP in rheumatology – doctor Slavcheva” – Ultrasound system

Town of Sevlievo

/ Akta Medika – Ultrasound system