About us

OMNIS means Everything!

Omnis is the expression of our team’s specialization in providing turnkey projects in healthcare sector – from upgrading existing hospitals to building an entirely new ones.

The package deal is about rendering comprehensive consultation and services during the performance of high-tech projects from “A to Z”, also known as “Turnkey project”.
Omnis means Everything. Everything is our motto.
As a project of Sopharma Trading, Omnis follows the company values to be reliable and professional partner.
The three basic values we follow in the execution of each project are:

Innovation is our way of thinking. It is a creative approach, means of communication and successful business model.

Trust is the foundation of the manner in which we operate.

Partnership is for creating business value. We respect and have in-depth knowledge of the needs of our partners and clients.

Approaching with a clear vision to the future, we have strategy and know-how to implement each project

Ready to do everything for our customers and partners, we are OMNIS!