Financial knowledge is the base we step on in our strive for providing adequate funding for each Omnis project.

Project funding solutions

/ Payment in instalments according to several scenarios
 Payment in instalments according to several scenarios could be provided by OMNIS for its clients.  The several scenarios of payment in instalments which are various lease scheme versions. It is possible to provide schemes with finance as well as with operating lease. The lease terms could differ depending on the amount of the requested funding.

Other out-of-the-box solutions for project funding
OMNIS is a flexible organization that has the opportunity to offer its clients versatile funding versions – in addition to the abovementioned, the provision of “bridge” loan, mezzanine credits etc.

Cooperation when it comes to applying under European programmes

The start of the new programming period of the European Community since the beginning of January 2016 would provide the investors in Bulgaria with numerous programmes that should provide the business with incentives. Most of them would be loan facilitation – provision of collaterals before banking institutions, long-term funding at very low interest rate levels.
OMNIS keeps in touch with the relevant funding institutions that serve these programmes and could provide its clients with method assistance and mediate the connection for the provision of funding under European programmes.

Credit assistance through the OMNIS partners that operate in the banking sector.

OMNIS is a partner of leading credit institutions in Bulgaria with which we have entered letters of cooperation that are explicitly prepared for supporting the projects of the OMNIS clients. This ensures priority review of these projects based on the guarantees provided by OMNIS for them.